Meet the Team

Sammy James

Founder and Host of Fulhamish Podcast, Hammy End season ticket holder and Radio Producer for Kiss FM. Was present for the Sunderland blizzard. Often found having a cold beer in Dr.Ink pre-game.

Jack J Collins

Fulhamish Editor; H4 season ticket holder; persistent optimist. Associate Editor at Bleacher Report, FFC Columnist at GWL. Resident Stefan Johansen fanboy. Located pre-game in the William Morris.

Ben Jarman

Fulhamish contributor on the airwaves and the web. Has had work published by the Italian FA, Evening Standard & Fulham FC. Try to look at things from a different standpoint. Love Spanish football. Fulhamish's Instagram guru.

Dom Betts

Fulhamish's away day extraordinaire. Write the monthly Fulham away day planners. Work at various radio stations across London. 57/92. Pre-game resident at The Rocket.

Farrell Monk

A founding member of the Pod, Farrell has the unenviable job of trying to keep the exuberance and youthful optimism of Sammy & Jack in line. Once featured in an official club video. Likely to be found in the Golden Lion.
Tom O'Dwyer

Tom O'Dwyer

I'm a front-end developer based in Bristol, England. When I'm not slinging div's and keeping the Fulhamish website online, you'll find me following Fulham away.
David Preston

David Preston

Long term friend of the pod, now our resident newsletter maestro, videographer and pod contributor. David is a long-standing Fulham fan born and raised in South Africa. He's also a bloody lovely chap.
Adam Farquharson

Adam Farquharson

Fulhamish's resident digital man, with an eye for design. Taking experience from his day job in Sports Betting. FFC season ticket holder & Part-Time Music Producer.

Drew Heatley

Dependable Fulhamish squad player. Interviews ex-Fulham greats for the matchday programme. Did that awkward moonwalk on camera that one time. Often found out the back of the Golden Lion.

Joseph Johnson

Fulhamish's social media guru and all-round millennial geezer.

Nick MacNee

The Resident Fulham Stathead. Usually found in front of an Excel spreadsheet or in the Riverside Stand. Ardent analytics defender. Known for being able to do an ok Roy Hodgson impression.

George Singer

Hopeful Fulham fan with a big love for football stats.

Ad Brons-Smith

Freelance Football Journalist, Author of The Craven Corner. Social Media Analyst & Avid Gamer.

Cameron Ramsey

Currently a writer for 90Mins and Blasting News, Cameron now joins the Fulhamish team to offer expertise and an alternate viewpoint on the main stories of any given point of the season!

Sam Crosby-Browne

Fulhamish contributor based in Leicestershire. London Met Film School graduate, record collector and founder of 'The 20 Day Record Challenge' on Instagram.

Guy Barlow

MA Broadcast Journalism Student, writer and presenter.

Daniel Powell

Fulham Home & Away. Digital marketing man and slowly ticking off the 92.